James Coombs

James Coombs is a driven, London-based logistics professional with experience in B2B and B2C supply chain strategy, management and operations.


James is a dynamic logistics professional; offering a proven track-record in end-to-end B2B and B2C operations, consulting and collaborating with globally recognised brands, retailers and distributors within the FMCG sector as key account manager for an award winning 3PL.

Since entering the freight forwarding industry in 1999, James has developed as a progressive supply chain specialist, gaining exceptional knowledge of ocean freight and multi-modal distribution principals, while designing and executing supply chain solutions that build towards strategic vision. He has learned to apply this experience to optimise and improve processes, impacting on profitability and increasing the total value of a business.

James controls around 5000 TEU per annum for clients in all industries, ranging from established global tier one companies, to startups and high wealth individuals.

James is a creative, natural leader with a dominant architect-type personality that holds himself to the highest professional standard and helps to elevate those around him to the same high standard.


Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.
— Mark Twain

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